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Cabasse, an iconic French brand in the Hi-Fi market with an international following, has released the RIALTO, their first wireless-powered speakers with a bookshelf form factor. 

The RIALTO has an elegant look while delivering an optimal listening experience for music and TV listening. 

Cabasse RIALTO Overview

The Cabasse RIALTO system consists of two powered speakers that are linked together. One speaker is designated as the primary speaker and the other is the secondary speaker. 

Both speakers include built-in amplifiers and are required to be connected to AC power. However, there is no need to connect the speakers to an additional amplifier, stereo, or home theater receiver. The primary speaker includes a selection of audio input connections as well as a Bluetooth antenna. Audio signals can be transferred from the primary to the secondary speaker via Ethernet or Digital Optical connection link.

Key Features

Coaxial Speaker Design: Three speakers are placed on the same axis. This technology, developed by Cabasse allows all sound waves to spread out from a single source point so that they travel coherently and naturally, without interference and artificial coloring of the sound.

HELD: High Excursion Low Distortion woofers enable the RIALTO to deliver powerful, deep,  accurate, and distortion-free bass. 

DEAP (Digital Enhancements Acoustical Interface): This technology enhances the performance of the loudspeakers via a dynamic multi-band signal processing with feedback loops that allow to exploit all the available amplification power for a distortion-free rendering of the “peaks”.

Built-in Sound Calibration: Utilizing a built-in microphone, the RIALTO provides automatic room calibration. Also, the Cabasse Stream CONTROL app, provides additional listening personalization via optimization tools developed to fit users’ room environments and preferences.

HDMI-eARC: HDMI-eARC allows you to listen to TV sound and also control the volume of the RIALTO using the TV’s remote control. This makes the RIALTO a great soundbar alternative.

USB Input:  This allows playback of digital audio files via flash drives or other compatible devices. Compatible formats include MP3, AAC, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, Ogg Vorbis, DSD 64/128, and WMA lossless

Bluetooth: The Bluetooth receiver supports aptX allowing for “CD-quality” audio streaming from compatible smartphones, tablets, and computers. Using Bluetooth, you can stream from compatible platforms.

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Streaming Services: Qobuz, Deezer, TIDAL, Spotify, Web Radio, Napster

Touch Screen Control: The primary speaker includes an easy-to-use touch screen for volume/mute, input selection, and playback control. The color LCD video screen also displays album covers for the music being played. 

StreamControl App: In addition to the onboard Touch Screen Control, Cabasse also provides access to its StreamControl App for iOS and Android.

Voice Control: According to Cabasse, the RIALTO also works with Google Assistant.


  • Model: RIALTO
  • Speaker Type: Powered Wireless Speakers with 3-Way Amplification
  • Amplifier Type: Class D
  • Amplifier Power (RMS x2)
  • HF: 300 watts
  • Midrange: 300 watts
  • Woofer: 450 watts
  • Tweeter/Midrange (each speaker): 1 13cm coaxial BCI
  • Woofer (each speaker): 1 17cm HELD (High-Excursion/Low Distortion)
  • Frequency Response: 30 to 27,000 Hz
  • THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise):  0.005% (1W, 4Ohm)
  • Maximum System Output (SPL):121 dB
  • Dimensions (HLP) for Each Speaker): 260 x 206 x 239 mm (10.2 x 8.1 x 9.4 inches)
  • Tip: H = Height, L = Length, P = Width
  • Weight: 15.2 Kg
  • Finishes: White, Satin Black

Wired Connections

Tip: If you want to connect a turntable the RIALTO, the turntable either has to have a built-in phono preamp or an external phono preamp would need to be placed between the turntable and RIALTO’s analog line-in. 

Wireless Connections

Tip: The RIALTO can be combined with other Cabasse wireless speakers via network connectivity. 

Included Accessories

  • Power cord (2)
  • Protection cover (2)
  • HDMI cable 
  • Optical cable
  • Installation guide

Availability & Pricing

The Cabasse RIALTO wireless powered speaker system is available for $2,980.00 (US) through authorized Cabasse distributors/dealers.

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