SlashGear Asks: What Amazon Tech Product Would You Never Buy? – Exclusive Survey – SlashGear

With more than 23 percent of the votes (23.13% to be precise), most of the surveyed consumers said they would never buy the Amazon Astro Robot. The Astro Robot is Amazon’s first household robot primarily designed for home monitoring. Powered by Amazon’s Alexa AI platform, the Astro Robot can also double up as an entertainment tool that can follow users while beaming their favorite music and podcasts. It can also assist people in receiving phone calls and setting up reminders and alarms. However, Astro’s small stance and comprehensive list of features weren’t enough to win over our readers, and it ended up topping this list with the most votes.

The second Amazon tech product to make it to this list is its Halo fitness tracker, which garnered 18.88% of our reader’s votes. Besides the lack of a display — which was addressed in the Halo View — the single biggest issue with Amazon Halo was concerns surrounding its data collection policies. Several reports claimed that Amazon used the Halo tracker to mine enormous amounts of consumer data (via VentureBeat).

In third place with a sizable 16.67% of the votes is Amazon’s Echo Studio speaker. Part of the company’s extended Echo speaker family, the Amazon Echo Studio is the biggest speaker from the Echo lineup with a focus on sound quality. However, it seems a sizable number of our readers don’t particularly agree that the Echo Studio is worth the $200 Amazon’s asking for it.